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“How To Give Yourself A Bruise Fast, Easily, Painless “

Bruises affect skin color and texture. There are times when a person wants to put up a medical reason to avoid certain things. This might include avoiding going to certain places, skipping school, working, or having fun. Let’s now learn how to bruise yourself, that too, in a fast, easy, and painless manner.


Clinically, a bruise is defined as an injury that appears as an area of skin that appears bluish-black on the human body. This is mainly caused by a hard blow or a heavy impact of something on the body.

Bruises lead to breakage and rupturing of the underlying blood vessels. It is a clinical condition in which the capillaries and venules are rarely damaged. This leads to the leakage of blood, which further leads to bleeding and spreading into the surrounding tissue.

Bruises are very common and are often experienced by almost all humans.

Black and blue marks are often associated with bruises. A bruise also called a contusion, is caused by skin trauma.

A cut or blow to an area of skin can cause trauma. These cuts and blows are instrumental in rupturing tiny blood vessels called capillaries.

The blood that oozes out gets trapped below the skin’s surface, causing a bruise.

Bruises can occur at any age. Their intensity and impact vary from person to person. Some bruises cause very little pain, and you might not even notice them! However, these bruises can provide a good medical reason.

It happens very often that you discover a bruise on your body suddenly. This might happen while performing day-to-day activities like taking a bath or changing clothes.

It is common to observe that sometimes the bruises get hidden under our clothes and become unnoticeable.

You don’t even know how you got a particular bruise. We overlook many such incidents and accidents. However, the after-effects of such events are the bruises!

Sometimes we forget when we get hit by something. It might happen that we accidentally bump into an end table, corner of pointed objects, or countertop.

However, we just ignored it and carried on with our work at that time. The blue mark of the bruise later catches our attention.

If you are getting bruises very often and are not aware of how they came up or why they are there, it’s time to be cautious about them. These might be the symptoms of some serious issues and may belong to chronic bruising.

It is very often diagnosed that chronic bruises signify one or more vitamin or mineral deficiencies.

The person should undergo a complete medical checkup and evaluation at such times. This might be the potential to rule out bruising illness.


So far, we have discussed the bruises that we don’t get intentionally. But there are many times when individual wishes to have a bruise. Are you looking for various inputs on how to give yourself a bruise?

It is very typical to have that thought in mind, which is even possible!

Don’t be surprised, as there are many situations where the individual needs to get bruises intentionally.

There is no need to consider yourself a psychopath if you ever feel so. There are times when a person may have a severe mental condition. In such conditions, it is frequently observed that the individuals tend to hurt themselves intentionally.

They do so to feel a sense of control and calmness. However, this is not always the case.

Statistics have proven that self-bruising is less common than self-cutting and self-punching.

All the above-stated conditions are hazardous and scary to the person’s physical health. They are also proven to affect and deteriorate humans’ mental well-being and conscience.

Self-harming practices that cause intentional bruising and injury are commonly observed. They are more frequently seen in individuals suffering from mental blockages, depression, stress, low confidence, failure, and anxiety.

Bruising Yourself With Makeup

Brusing with makeup
Bruising with makeup

There may be many reasons for an individual wanting to bruise himself. Following are some possibilities that are often seen leading a person to do self-bruising:

  • Maybe you have to act in a role and need to portray as if you have dashed into something very bad.
  • You are being paid for harming yourself.
  • Perhaps you are dress up for a photo shoot.
  • You need to fake a medical reason for not attending certain events.

How To Bruise Yourself Without Pain?

Real or factual bruises are medically called ecchymoses. These are the outcomes of discoloration and tenderness of the skin. The mucous membranes of the human skin swell up due to the leakage of blood.

The blood might ooze out from an injured micro blood vessel, a capillary or venule, thus leading to damaged tissues.

Whatever the reason is, it’s a fact that deliberately hurting yourself is a very difficult task and requires extreme self-control and contemplation. It is an arduous task, requiring courage and zeal to harm oneself.

People trying to bruise your skin physically must remember that it can be very painful to the body and disturbing to the mind.

Are you confused as to what to do now? No worries, as there are solutions for every damn thing! There are much easier ways to make it appear as if your body is covered with bruises.

Using makeup to create false bruises is one of the easiest ways. Speaking there is no need to be surprised. It is a misconception that makeup is only used to look beautiful. Makeup can be a useful utility to create false bruises.

Yes, we are not kidding! By making use of makeup and props, it is possible to make it appear as though your body is completely covered with bruises. It is very simple and painless to use this approach.

You don’t need to go through any amount of real pain or self-hurting. You just need to know how to make a bruise or more precisely you need to know how to work with various components of the makeup kit.

These components mainly consist of colors of eye shadows, liners, variety of lipsticks, a purple marker, and blusher.

Bruise Yourself With Black Eye Makeup

Want to fake a bruise mark on your body! It’s time to actually try it now. Let’s take a black eyeliner, B-brushes and white eyeshadow. Following content provides the steps by step guide on how to create a bruise mark on your body and that too through makeup. It’s almost similar to what the actors do in movies:

  1. The first step is to clean the area you are intending to draw a bruise mark on. It is necessary to gently wash it with water. No need to moisturize it.
  2. The next step consists of applying red color, lipstick, or blushes to the intended skin area. The red mark should form the basic shape of the bruise you wish to fake. The natural shape of bruise marks is usually irregular or haphazard. They are not perfectly square, rectangular, round, or any other geometric shape.
  3. Complete the red outline and fill the area with the same color. Now the entire area is red. This red part covers all of your regular skin colors, and thus none of your normal skin colors is visible.
  4. Now it is time to add more colors. We do this to make the bruise mark look more realistic and proper. Commonly a tinge of blue or purple is added. Smudge the blue and purple color shades with the red. The next step is to blend the colors properly. Blending is vital as the more blended the colors are, the more realistic the bruise mark will look.
  5. Depending on the purpose you are going for, you will need to balance the color scheme and intensity accordingly. It is known that the fresher bruises tend to appear more purple and blue. The older bruises are more yellow in appearance, along with a greenish shade.
  6. The final step consists of running some water on your newly created bruise mark. It is advisable to tap your false bruise mark with toilet paper or an old towel. Please don’t touch your handmade wet bruise till it dries off completely.

Causes Of Natural Bruise

Following are the major causes of getting a bruise.

  1. Sports injuries
  2. Car accidents
  3. Blows, such as someone hitting you or being hit by a ball
  4. Medications that thin the blood, such as aspirin or warfarin (Coumadin)
  5. Supplements

Types Of Bruises

There are three types of bruises. Bruises are differentiated into these types based on their area on the body:

a. Subcutaneous Bruises

These occur just beneath the skin.

b. Intramuscular Bruises

These occur in the underlying muscles.

c. Periosteal Bruises

These happen to affect the bones.

In cases when a person or an individual wants to bruise himself, it is best to affect the skin area. The subcutaneous bruises are the easiest to get. They are less painful as well. Subcutaneous bruises are mainly seen affecting the blood vessels.

Signs And Symptoms Of Bruises

Symptoms of bruises
Symptoms of bruises

It is clinically proven that the symptoms of a bruise vary depending on the cause, age, area, severity, etc.

Discoloration or color change of the skin is often the first sign or symptom. Mostly the bruises are black and blue. However, very rarely, the bruises can also be of the following colors:

  • red
  • green
  • purple
  • brown
  • yellowish (most often occurs in case of heals)

You may also experience pain, swelling, and tenderness in the area of injury. These symptoms generally improve as the injury heals. The severity of the symptoms is often seen to vary.

Now, you know how to give yourself a bruise without pain. You can make fake bruises on any part of the body. Still, it is never advised to fake bruises or harm yourself for any wrong purpose. But if you have to act in drama or play at school, you can use the above-stated method, and you will be more than happy.

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