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7 Mẫu đoạn văn tiếng Anh về thói quen hằng ngày của bạn

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  • Knowledge is power
  • The Future Of Possible
  • Hibs and Ross County fans on final
  • Tip of the day: That man again
  • Hibs and Ross County fans on final
  • Spieth in danger of missing cut

Dưới đây là một số mẫu câu thường dùng để viết về thói quen hằng ngày bằng tiếng Anh.

– I spend a lot of time on + N/ V-ing: Tôi dành nhiều thời gian vào việc…
– I (often) tend to… (+ to V): Tôi thường làm việc gì đó theo xu hướng…
– You’ll always see/find me + V-ing: Bạn sẽ thường thấy tôi làm…
– V-ing is a big part of my life: … là một phần cuộc sống của tôi
– I have a habit of…+ N/V-ing): Tôi có thói quen…
Bạn có thể sử dụng những mẫu câu này để viết đoạn văn về thói quen hằng ngày của bạn bằng tiếng Anh

Một số câu thường dùng

Get up: to wake up and get out of bed
Wake up: to stop sleeping and become conscious
Wash face: to clean the face using water and soap
Brush teeth: to clean the teeth using a toothbrush and toothpaste
Have a shower: to bathe under a shower
Get dressed: to put on clothes
Make up: to apply cosmetics to the face
Have breakfast: to eat a morning meal
Go to school: to travel to the educational institution
Work: to engage in employment or tasks
Afternoon activities:

Have lunch: to eat a midday meal
Take a nap: to sleep for a short time during the day
Relax: to unwind or rest
Leave school: to depart from the educational institution
Evening activities:

Get off work: to finish the workday
Go home, get home: to return to one’s place of residence
Go out for dinner/drinks: to dine or have beverages outside of home
Hang out: to spend time with friends or engage in social activities
Make dinner: to prepare an evening meal
Go to sleep: to go to bed and fall asleep

15 Mẫu đoạn văn tiếng Anh về thói quen hằng ngày

Paragraph 1 – Daily Habit: Listening to Music
Listening to music has become a beloved daily habit for many people, including myself. During my showers, I find solace in playing my favorite tunes. The soothing sound of water combined with melodic melodies creates a harmonious atmosphere. It’s fascinating how our voices sound remarkably good when singing in the bathroom. This habit brings relaxation and joy to my daily routine, and I encourage others to try it and experience the uplifting power of music.

Tiếng Việt:

Paragraph 2 – Daily Habit: Reading in Free Time

As we evolve and grow, our unique habits develop. Personally, I have cultivated a habit of reading during my free time every day. This passion for books has been with me since childhood. While my reading preferences have shifted from comic books to more educational materials on life, etiquette, and economics, the joy of reading remains constant. Although my study schedule is demanding, I always make time to carry a book in my bag. This allows me to read whenever and wherever I find a suitable moment. Reading has enriched my life and continues to be a valuable habit I intend to maintain. I encourage others to embrace reading and its transformative benefits.

Paragraph 3 – Daily Habit: Reading Stories Before Bed
Every night, as part of my bedtime routine, I have a habit of reading stories on my phone while enjoying a glass of milk. I visit free reading websites that offer a wide range of book genres suitable for teenagers. To ensure a restful sleep, I choose stories with gentle or cheerful content that are not too stressful or complex. Breaking this habit proves challenging as it has become an integral part of my lifestyle. There was an instance when I was too busy to read before bed due to late-night work. Although I needed sleep urgently, I couldn’t fall asleep because I hadn’t read my usual stories. Consequently, I ended up sleeping two hours later than usual. From that day on, I rearranged my schedule to include reading time before bed, prioritizing a good night’s sleep. While my mother expresses concerns about excessive phone usage and its impact on my eyes, I am aware of the negative effects of screen reading. Consequently, I have gradually transitioned to reading physical books, which not only improves my sleep but also minimizes strain on my eyes. If time is managed well, my habit of reading before bed is actually beneficial. Besides enjoying captivating stories, it also enhances my writing skills and enriches my vocabulary. It’s a good habit I intend to continue, always hoping it will bring me pleasant dreams.

Paragraph 4 – Daily Habit: Reading Books Before Sleep
We all have our own habits, and one of mine is reading books before going to sleep. This habit may have originated from my childhood when my mother used to read bedtime stories to me when I couldn’t read on my own. Those stories ranged from fairy tales and parables to poems and song lyrics. As I became proficient in reading, I took over the responsibility of reading my favorite books. During that time, I was engrossed in popular series like Detective Conan and Doraemon, and my bookshelf was filled with comic books. As I grew older, my habit of reading before sleep persisted. However, my reading choices expanded beyond comics to encompass various genres such as short stories by local and international authors, ghost stories, novels by Jin Yong, and books authored by influential figures like Dreams from My Father and The Audacity of Hope by former US President Barack Obama, as well as Living History by Hillary Clinton. Reading before sleep is more than just a habit; it has greatly impacted my life. It has improved my memory, enriched my knowledge, and provided relaxation after long and tiring days. I consider this habit to be a wonderful blessing, as it allows me to both entertain and educate myself simultaneously.

Paragraph 5 – Daily Habit: Healthy Eating Lifestyle
I pride myself on maintaining a healthy and scientific lifestyle, which is particularly reflected in my eating habits. I prioritize ensuring that my meals are nutritious and well-balanced. Each week, I dedicate at least an hour to planning my menu for the following week. My breakfast is typically consumed at 6 o’clock to ensure I arrive at work on time. It consists of my favorite food combination: bread, eggs, and a glass of milk. For lunch, I eat at the office around 12 o’clock. The lunch is provided by the kitchen and includes a savory main dish, a light side dish with ample vegetables and meat, and a soup. I have a fondness for vegetables, as they aid in better metabolism and contribute to a lighter body. Dinner usually consists of low-starch options, such as salads. I prefer drinking filtered water or juice during meals and avoid carbonated beverages, as they can lead to rapid weight gain, which is detrimental to my overall well-being.

Paragraph 6 – Daily Habit: Listening to English Music
As I go through different stages of life, my habits evolve, and currently, I have a daily habit of listening to English music. It all started when I was 12 years old and learning English. My teacher encouraged us to listen to appropriate English songs to enhance our listening skills and vocabulary. Initially, I saw it as homework, but over time, I developed a deep affection for the melodies and lyrics. Now, I find myself listening to music whenever I have spare time, and you’ll often spot me wearing headphones wherever I go. I have an extensive music library comprising several hundred songs from various genres. In the morning, I enjoy Pop and Dance music while preparing for school as they keep me alert and energized for the day. During lunchtime, I prefer relaxing to gentle country music, and classical music is my go-to choice at bedtime, aiding in easy sleep. Some of my favorite artists include Adele, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber, whose music also helps me stay updated with international music news in English. I even encourage my sister, who is learning another language, to develop a listening habit to improve her listening skills and vocabulary. Music is an invaluable tool for both entertainment and learning, and I plan to maintain this daily routine to continue learning while finding relaxation.

Paragraph 7 – Daily Routine: Ordinary Life with Special Habits
Though I lead an ordinary life, I have incorporated special habits into my daily routine. On weekdays, I typically wake up at 6 o’clock and enjoy breakfast at home. While many of my friends prefer having breakfast at the school canteen to socialize, I cherish my mother’s delicious and nutritious dishes over processed foods. Following breakfast, I devote around ten minutes to brushing my teeth meticulously, as I aim to avoid tooth decay and the need for dental implants in the future. My father is responsible for driving me to school, as my mother is not entirely convinced of my driving abilities. During lunch break at 12 o’clock, I choose to take the bus home and have lunch with my mother, rather than eating at the canteen with my friends. All my classes conclude at 5 o’clock, and my father patiently waits for me at our designated meeting spot to take me home. Occasionally, I hang out with my best friends, but most of the time, I prefer returning home to watch my favorite TV shows. It has become a habit for me to enjoy television while having dinner, and I feel the food is less enjoyable if I’m not allowed to watch something on TV or my phone. After completing all my homework, I indulge in my hobbies. Every night, my favorite activity is reading books, particularly comics like Doraemon, Conan, and Pokemon. If I don’t have new books to read, I opt for playing video games. Occasionally, my father joins me in a dual match, but I often emerge as the victor since he isn’t skilled at video games. Following a 30-minute shower and an additional ten minutes for teeth cleaning, I retire to bed around 10 o’clock. Some may perceive my life as monotonous, but I find happiness and contentment in it.


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