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Xbox Chief Discusses Price of Project Scorpio

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Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, recently spoke about the anticipated pricing of the company’s upcoming gaming console, Project Scorpio. In an interview with gaming publication, Xbox Magazine, Spencer shared his thoughts on the pricing strategy for the console.

Design and Build Quality

Spencer expressed his satisfaction with the design and build quality of Project Scorpio. According to him, the console features a sleek and modern look, with a body that resembles the original iPhone. He also mentioned that Project Scorpio is comfortable to hold and wear.

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While discussing the gaming industry, Spencer compared fitness trackers and smartwatches to Project Scorpio. He highlighted the lack of fashion appeal in most fitness trackers and the limited design options available for smartwatches. However, he reassured gamers that Project Scorpio would not only offer excellent performance but also appeal to their aesthetic senses.


Project Scorpio will be available in two sizes – a smaller 38mm model and a larger 42mm model. The dimensions of the 38mm model are approximately 38.6 x 33.3 x 10.5mm, while the 42mm model measures around 42.0 x 35.9 x 10.5mm.

Build Quality

Spencer emphasized that Project Scorpio is built with top-quality materials, ensuring its durability. The console will be available in different versions, each featuring different finishes. Spencer mentioned that the console will have options like aluminium, stainless steel, and even 18-carat gold. While the more expensive versions will have sapphire screens, the more affordable options will come with ion-x glass.

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Spencer also discussed the importance of choosing the right straps for Project Scorpio. He explained that the company offers a wide variety of straps, including the Link Bracelet, Sport Band, Leather Loop, Classic Buckle, Modern Buckle, Milanese Loop, Nylon band, and Hermes straps. Each strap has multiple color options, allowing gamers to personalize their console.

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In terms of screen quality, Spencer praised the resolution and overall visual experience of Project Scorpio. The console’s screen resolution varies depending on the model, with the 38mm version offering 272×340 pixels and the 42mm version providing 312×390 pixels. Both models boast a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch, ensuring sharp and vibrant visuals.

User Interface

Spencer emphasized the user-friendly interface of Project Scorpio, thanks to Apple’s design expertise. He stated that the navigation on the console is intuitive and easy to use. The Digital Crown, a feature unique to Project Scorpio, allows users to navigate through the console’s interface effortlessly.


Regarding performance, Spencer acknowledged that Project Scorpio is a powerful console. He mentioned that the console’s speed and performance vary depending on the user’s preferences and the apps running on the device. While some reviewers have reported occasional delays, Spencer assured gamers that Project Scorpio’s performance is overall impressive.

Battery Life

Spencer discussed the battery life of Project Scorpio, stating that it is designed to last a full day with typical usage. However, he also highlighted that heavy usage, such as using fitness or music apps, may drain the battery more quickly. He advised gamers to charge the console every night to ensure uninterrupted gameplay.

Pricing and Availability

While Spencer did not reveal the exact pricing of Project Scorpio, he assured gamers that the console would offer a competitive price point. He mentioned that Microsoft aims to provide a premium gaming experience at a reasonable cost. The pricing details and availability of Project Scorpio will be announced at a later date.

In summary, Phil Spencer’s insights into the pricing and features of Project Scorpio have generated excitement among gamers. The console’s sleek design, quality build, and impressive performance make it a highly anticipated addition to the gaming industry. As gamers eagerly await its release, Microsoft promises to deliver a top-notch gaming experience with Project Scorpio.

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