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Apple Watch Review: Design

After spending four months with the Apple Watch, the male half of our team at Macworld debated whether it’s a fantastic or terrible product. In our opinion, the Apple Watch is beautifully designed and engineered, with a modern look and feel. Its rounded body reminds us of the original iPhone and feels great to hold. Unlike other fitness trackers that lack fashion appeal, the Apple Watch is a stylish accessory. It’s also comfortable on the wrist.

Apple Watch Design

Apple Watch Review: Dimensions

The Apple Watch comes in two sizes: the 38mm model (38.6 x 33.3 x 10.5mm) and the 42mm model (42.0 x 35.9 x 10.5mm). Both sizes have a thickness of 10.5mm. Here’s how the 38mm Apple Watch looks on Karen’s wrist:

Apple Watch Dimensions

Apple Watch Review: Build Quality

The Apple Watch offers three different options for materials: aluminum for the Watch Sport, stainless steel for the Watch, and 18-carat gold for the Watch Edition. The Sport version has an ion-x glass screen, while the Watch and Watch Edition have sapphire screens. We love the robustness of the Apple Watch, with no scratches on the body or screen after almost a year of use.

Apple Watch Build Quality

Apple Watch Review: Straps

Choosing the right strap for your Apple Watch is essential to complement its beauty. The options include Link Bracelet, Sport Band, Leather Loop, Classic Buckle, Modern Buckle, Milanese Loop, Nylon band, and Hermes straps. The Leather Loop, Classic Buckle, Leather Loop, and Modern Buckle are available in multiple colors, while the Milanese Loop and Link Bracelet come in two colors. The Sport Band offers a variety of 22 different colors.

Apple Watch Straps

Apple Watch Review: Screen

The screen resolution of the Apple Watch depends on the model you choose. The 38mm model has a resolution of 272×340, while the 42mm model offers 312×390 resolution. Both models provide a pixel density of 326 pixels per inch. The Retina-quality screen is sharp and vividly colorful with no visible pixellation.

Apple Watch Screen

Apple Watch Review: User Interface

Apple’s design expertise and user interface make the Apple Watch stand out from other smartwatches. Unlike many smartwatches with tiny displays, the Apple Watch’s user interface is easy to navigate. You can control the watch using the touchscreen, gestures, and Apple’s Force Touch technology. The Digital Crown on the side of the watch is an innovative way to interact with the device.

Apple Watch Interface

Apple Watch Review: Battery Life

The Apple Watch provides approximately 18 hours of battery life with typical usage. It’s recommended to charge the watch every night. However, battery life may vary depending on your usage and the apps running on the watch. It’s worth noting that the original watch may be slower compared to the Series 1 and 2 models, which feature a 50 percent faster processor.

Apple Watch Battery

Apple Watch Review: Pricing and Availability

Pricing for the Apple Watch varies depending on the model and strap selected. The Apple Watch Sport starts at £259 for the 38mm model and £299 for the 42mm version. The stainless steel Apple Watch begins at £479, while the Apple Watch Hermes starts at £1000. For the ultimate luxury, the 18-carat gold Apple Watch Edition begins at £8,000.

In conclusion, the Apple Watch doesn’t revolutionize the smartwatch market, but it delivers a fantastic user experience. Its design, user interface, and build quality set it apart from other options available. It may take some time to get used to, but with regular use, it becomes more intuitive and user-friendly.

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